Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Sometimes I just wish I could speak my mind, speak truth into another's life.
To be open and honest, to not care if their feelings are hurt.
To tell them of a life of living that is of worth.
Express to them the meaning of respect,
To reveal what it is to be selfless.
If I myself cannot teach someone, I wish that upon them something would happen that they might learn,
For to see their life turn around is something I yearn.
Painfully listening to their rude comments,
Informing them of the inappropriateness,
Only to be told there is freedom of speech.
I don't think I can do this much longer,
My patience is wearing thin,
I keep fighting a battle I feel I'll never win.
Why am I here, I am not strong, I struggle to fight,
I know the difference between wrong and right.


Sometimes, its better to admire from afar.
It always seems better in our own imagination,
for once I took my chance,
I was swept away by temptation.

I wish I would've just stayed shy and timid,
why must I have the ability to conqueor my own fears?
for now that I have finally done what I thought was right,
I will remember these coming years.

I took a chance,
A leaf picked up by the wind.
I fluttered about where it lead
And through such I have sinned.

And so I sit here and contemplate
telling myself now that I should just be patient and wait.

For when I take life by the reigns,
I only reap a multitude of emotional pain. 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Thoughts before Dreams

A brushing of hands.. A passing glance.
To steal one's thoughts as if by chance.
I oft wonder, is such the case,
Or should I truly desire to be in your embrace.
I know of affection, friendship, and care.
Yet love is something of which I'm not aware.
I thought I'd known, time and again.
Yet this game of love is one I'll never win.
I toss my hat out of the ring,
For my heart is quite a fickle thing.
I desire not to hurt you, nor myself.
So I willingly place my heart up on a shelf.
Dust may gather, and its beat may grow faint.
Yet for true love, I know my heart will wait.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Princess

Ah, here you are.
I wondered when another like you would get word of her existence.
Low and behold, today is the day.
You humans, I wish you all good riddance.
Why can I not live in my solitude, my peace?
I moved away for some sense of release.
Why must they always want what is not theirs?
To come and steal my maiden, so fair.
Solid cement walls, forming a luxurious castle,
Vines slowly taking over, but you still cause a hassle.
It is not my fortress that you seek,
You desire what lies within.
It is her heart you’ve come to seek and to win.

‘The fairest maiden of them all’
Eyes of sapphire, brighter than the stars,
Porcelain skin, white as snow,
Lips like the parting petals of a rose.

Well, she is mine. I take care of her.
And the rhymes of her beauty,
Yes, they’re all true, but I don’t plan
On sharing her with the likes of you.
You’ll steal her away, off on horseback,
Riding ‘off into the sunset.’
My, my, how cliché.
Doesn’t every story end this way?
Not today, not this time.
This gorgeous princess is not yours, she is mine.

So many years I’ve been in bliss,
If only I was the one she’d dream to kiss.
My claws like daggers ready to stab,
Only long to hold her hand.
My eyes, with cat like slits,
Close and imagine ‘true-love’s kiss’,
My scales deep black like the night’s sky
Long to be caressed, and accompanied by a sigh.

And then I hear you.
You shatter my day dream with your loud commotion.
And yet she smiles with the grandest emotion.
Why is it that you bring a smile to her face?
Make her eyes sparkle, and make her heart race?
She is captivated; you’ve caught her gaze,
You and your golden hair in waves…

But I can fix that, not a problem at all.
I’ll just send you a little present.
Say hello to my fireball.
Oh, I’m sorry, did I hurt your precious hair?
But isn’t it worth it for the princess, so fair?
Oh, it isn’t? You’re a little scared?
Well, I’m glad you learned,
But I’m not stopping there.
You, prince, will die. A slow and painful death.
Your skin will burn, until your last, dying breath.
And with adoring eyes, shining with tears,
She will watch from her tower,
As I burn you with my inferno, my fire.

I’m sorry it had to end this way,
No happily ever after.
No prince & princess getting married in the next chapter.
For alone I will stay, hated by the one I love.
Unrequited love, sure you’ve heard of some.
But I’m afraid my tale is sadder,
For I will never have
My Happily Ever After.


We walk down the black paved road,
Our hands clasped tight like vines intertwined.
Two separate entities, slowly growing into one.
A dashed yellow line dividing the street in two.
Wading through the muggy air,
The sun overhead, its rays beat against my skin,
Slowly turning me a deeper bronze.

Nearing the bottom of the hill, the end of the road,
Our turn awaiting us off to the right.
A miniature Stonehenge greeting us,
Boulders upright in a circle.
Stumbling upon a village of blackberry bushes,
We continued onward.
The berries, sweet and sun-ripened,
The summer is coming to a close.
The aroma wafts to our nostrils as we descend,
Toward the peaceful lullaby of water on the rocks.
Picking berries as we tread alongside the stream.
Our purple-stained fingers latch onto rocks as we make our way down.
We kick off our shoes, peel off our socks,
Venture onto the log which stretched out across the water.
From the middle of the log, water behind and ahead of us, we see it.
A bundle of logs and a ragged rope,
Hiding beneath a canopy of trees.
We tie them together,
One by one, and finish with a knot.
Away we float, lying on our backs,
The sun smiling on our faces,
Kissing our skin with golden rays.

A sudden splash of water surprises me
droplets land on my lips and seek my tongue:
Summer creek-water, rocks, and hints of salty sweat.
I spit it out of my mouth and retaliate,
Shoving water at him and drenching his left side.
The raft abandoned.
A water fight ensues.

Cold of shadows creeps onto our dripping wet clothes,
The sun disappearing behind the trees.
We race to retrieve our shoes and find the sun.
Our hands, shriveled raisins.
We climb the rocks to navigate the blackberry bushes,
Back to the street.

Our hands, laced, strolling silently along the dashed yellow line.
The sun setting,
Faces smiling,
Our clothes…


Sun breaks through the horizon,
Dew sprinkled on the grass.
Reflecting rays in ripples
Across the pond of glass.

Silence is broken when all awake;
Creatures stirring from their slumber.
A flash of color zips through,
Doppler effect of the quick hummer.

Petals open silently,
Hyssop, foxglove, columbine,
Dash here, dawdle there,
Straying from the ‘bee-line’.

Your head a fiery red,
Body a calm green.
Your beak a sharp sword,
Piercing flowers that you see.

Wings move fast,
To the beat of an unheard drum.
Faster and faster they play
But you merely hum.

Fly fast, pause.
Start then stop.
You linger only a little while
Until something sends you off.

From the window I watch
A unique pattern of flight.
Zooming through the garden
Til disappearing out of sight.

Serene yet energetic,
Full of life, full of fun,
Dancing through a sea of flowers
All the while you happily hum.


The room was quiet
All except for,
A whirring, humming laptop,
Occasional clank of the heater,
A voice echoing from down the hall
Through the door, open
Slightly ajar,
The printer spews forth paper
With printed letters, the envelope sits
 The words convey a message
Of what (inside my head) is a jumbled mess-
My heart is in pain
I feel I cannot describe,
I do my best to stretch my brain,
Only my feelings make their way outside-
Outside is an overwhelming peace
One I can’t seem to find
In the confines of this small space;
So I grab my things and leave,
Eventually I’ll return,
When I find my quiet release.