Sunday, April 22, 2012


Sun breaks through the horizon,
Dew sprinkled on the grass.
Reflecting rays in ripples
Across the pond of glass.

Silence is broken when all awake;
Creatures stirring from their slumber.
A flash of color zips through,
Doppler effect of the quick hummer.

Petals open silently,
Hyssop, foxglove, columbine,
Dash here, dawdle there,
Straying from the ‘bee-line’.

Your head a fiery red,
Body a calm green.
Your beak a sharp sword,
Piercing flowers that you see.

Wings move fast,
To the beat of an unheard drum.
Faster and faster they play
But you merely hum.

Fly fast, pause.
Start then stop.
You linger only a little while
Until something sends you off.

From the window I watch
A unique pattern of flight.
Zooming through the garden
Til disappearing out of sight.

Serene yet energetic,
Full of life, full of fun,
Dancing through a sea of flowers
All the while you happily hum.

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