Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Princess

Ah, here you are.
I wondered when another like you would get word of her existence.
Low and behold, today is the day.
You humans, I wish you all good riddance.
Why can I not live in my solitude, my peace?
I moved away for some sense of release.
Why must they always want what is not theirs?
To come and steal my maiden, so fair.
Solid cement walls, forming a luxurious castle,
Vines slowly taking over, but you still cause a hassle.
It is not my fortress that you seek,
You desire what lies within.
It is her heart you’ve come to seek and to win.

‘The fairest maiden of them all’
Eyes of sapphire, brighter than the stars,
Porcelain skin, white as snow,
Lips like the parting petals of a rose.

Well, she is mine. I take care of her.
And the rhymes of her beauty,
Yes, they’re all true, but I don’t plan
On sharing her with the likes of you.
You’ll steal her away, off on horseback,
Riding ‘off into the sunset.’
My, my, how cliché.
Doesn’t every story end this way?
Not today, not this time.
This gorgeous princess is not yours, she is mine.

So many years I’ve been in bliss,
If only I was the one she’d dream to kiss.
My claws like daggers ready to stab,
Only long to hold her hand.
My eyes, with cat like slits,
Close and imagine ‘true-love’s kiss’,
My scales deep black like the night’s sky
Long to be caressed, and accompanied by a sigh.

And then I hear you.
You shatter my day dream with your loud commotion.
And yet she smiles with the grandest emotion.
Why is it that you bring a smile to her face?
Make her eyes sparkle, and make her heart race?
She is captivated; you’ve caught her gaze,
You and your golden hair in waves…

But I can fix that, not a problem at all.
I’ll just send you a little present.
Say hello to my fireball.
Oh, I’m sorry, did I hurt your precious hair?
But isn’t it worth it for the princess, so fair?
Oh, it isn’t? You’re a little scared?
Well, I’m glad you learned,
But I’m not stopping there.
You, prince, will die. A slow and painful death.
Your skin will burn, until your last, dying breath.
And with adoring eyes, shining with tears,
She will watch from her tower,
As I burn you with my inferno, my fire.

I’m sorry it had to end this way,
No happily ever after.
No prince & princess getting married in the next chapter.
For alone I will stay, hated by the one I love.
Unrequited love, sure you’ve heard of some.
But I’m afraid my tale is sadder,
For I will never have
My Happily Ever After.

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